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WO-2008069553-A1: Wireless data communication system and method for providing wireless data service to sdr terminal patent, WO-2008070471-A2: User initiated invite for automatic conference participation by invitee patent, WO-2008072989-A3: Self-running fluid motor for the production of a rotation movement patent, WO-2008087626-A2: An apparatus system and method for decoding optical symbols patent, WO-2008100333-A2: Polymer composites mechanically reinforced with alkyl and urea functionalized nanotubes patent, WO-2008103003-A1: Fluid jetting apparatus patent, WO-2008103697-A3: Marine imaging system patent, WO-2008119938-A1: Temperature friendly kitchen products patent, WO-2008124560-A1: Augmenting a virtual machine hosting environment from within a virtual machine patent, WO-2008125115-A1: A beverage dispensing assembly patent, WO-2008133478-A3: Method of transmitting data in a wireless communication system patent, WO-2008140385-A2: Image compensation for wireless receiver patent, WO-2008148358-A1: System and method for dynamic resource allocation in wireless communications networks patent, WO-2008157424-A3: Methods and apparatus for joint disassembly patent, WO-2009005338-A2: Solid forms ult-i, ult-2 and ult-3 of emtricitabine patent, WO-2009006051-A1: Entertainment access service patent, WO-2009009093-A1: Method and apparatus for length decoding and identifying boundaries of variable length instructions patent, WO-2009011742-A1: High definition patterning of thermoplastic substrates patent, WO-2009025738-A1: Underdeck pto/gearbox/compressor combination patent, WO-2009029927-A1: A combined cargo carrier and portable table patent, WO-2009044209-A3: Transducer for vibration absorbing, sensing and transmitting patent, WO-2009053806-A3: Addition valve conrol method and addition valve controller patent, WO-2009053896-A2: Closed loop registration control for multi-modality soft tissue imaging patent, WO-2009061074-A1: Multi-color paint application apparatus patent, WO-2009100095-A1: 3-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-hydroxy-2-amino-propionic acid amides and related compounds having analgesic activity patent, WO-2009100371-A2: Dynamic adjustment of downlink/uplink allocation ratio in tdd wireless systems patent, WO-2009103168-A1: Apparatus for bending metal sheets patent, WO-2009106613-A1: A method of further inserting a partially inserted leading and/or trailing edge of a printing plate into respective lock-up slots in a plate cylinder of a printing press patent, WO-2009115658-A3: Use of a caspase-1 inhibitor for treating atherosclerotic plaque patent, WO-2009118473-A2: Azetidine-derived compounds, preparation method therefor and therapeutic use of same patent, WO-2009145390-A1: Rotational main body for windmill patent, WO-2009151864-A1: Gas sample collection and analysis patent, WO-2010026183-A2: Tractor pto drive line patent, WO-2010029363-A3: Cathepsin s propeptide fragments patent, WO-2010030752-A3: System and method for decoding using parallel processing patent, WO-2010036274-A1: A hinge apparatus to facilitate position adjustment of equipment patent, WO-2010040144-A1: Multi-processor architecture and method patent, WO-2010044624-A2: Method for multicast frame transmission and duplicated multicast frame detection patent, WO-2010051363-A1: Implantable cardioverter defibrillator capacitor assembly with flex circuit patent, WO-2010053746-A2: Systems, methods, and apparatus for automatically disabling appliances in response to a smoke detector patent, WO-2010068227-A1: Ergonomic user interfaces and electronic devices incorporating same patent, WO-2010068280-A1: In vitro bio-reactor circuit patent, WO-2010073035-A1: Wear piece element and method of construction patent, WO-2010080150-A1: Computer including hot-pluggable disk storage drives that are mounted in an in-line arrangement patent, WO-2010088006-A2: Catalyst with bimodal pore size distribution and the use thereof patent, WO-2010114712-A1: Interactive interchange rate decisioning patent, WO-2010126466-A1: Controlling a shared service patent, WO-2011020954-A3: Automated processing of multi-usage data, implementing functions requiring various levels of security or limits of responsibility patent, WO-2011031930-A2: Method and apparatus for charging a battery patent, WO-2011036687-A1: Waterproof aseptic composite panel in lightweight marble patent, WO-2011059916-A1: High-intensity pulsed electric field vitrectomy apparatus with load detection patent, WO-2011065982-A2: Polymorphisms associated with parkinson's disease patent, WO-2011085480-A1: Interactive system with synchronous, variable intensity of illumination patent, WO-2011097113-A2: Vacuum sealed paint roller cover package and method of making the same patent, WO-2011100493-A1: Preparation and/or purification of oligonucleotide conjugates patent, WO-2011120134-A1: Antibodies with enhanced or suppressed effector function patent, WO-2011123957-A1: Biocompatible poly(amic acid) and method of preparation thereof patent, WO-2011127385-A1: System to control a patient's ventilator or anesthesia machine patent, WO-2011129895-A1: Volatile material dispensers patent, WO-2011129912-A1: Method for adjusting quality of a pantograph background pattern patent, WO-2011133604-A1: User interface system patent, WO-2011155891-A1: Capacitive sensor system patent, WO-2012000505-A3: Callibration of wind turbine sensor patent, WO-2012018783-A2: System and method for fabricating thin-film photovoltaic devices patent, WO-2012030791-A1: Installing a computer program patent, WO-2012070955-A1: Fertiliser patent, WO-2012074799-A1: Treatment of inflammation with certain alpha-7 nicotinic acid receptor agonists in combination with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors patent, WO-2012089569-A2: A household appliance patent, WO-2012102978-A1: Abrasive article with replicated microstructured backing and method of using same patent, WO-2012151551-A2: Method and apparatus for using magnetic resonance imaging for cartilage assessment and monitoring patent, WO-2012151632-A1: A tonneau cover patent, WO-2013101408-A1: Windshield washer fluid heater patent, WO-2013103464-A1: High bandwidth psrr power supply regulator patent, WO-2013121472-A2: Feed cable, power supply system and electric-powered vehicle patent, WO-2013124088-A1: Method for authenticating a user patent, WO-2013143579-A1: Mapping selective dscp values to gtp-u patent, WO-2013154793-A1: F2 derivatives as antibacterial agents patent, WO-2013173592-A3: Transducer acceleration compensation using a delay to match phase characteristics patent, WO-2013175420-A1: Reactor system and process for wood modification patent, WO-2014048745-A1: Heating smokable material patent, WO-2014060445-A1: Method for preparing high purity orlistat patent, WO-2014060818-A3: Control device and control method for internal combustion engine patent, WO-2014099096-A1: Circuit interrupter providing ground fault protection and system including the same patent, WO-2014113999-A1: Purification of cadaverine patent, WO-2014137643-A1: System and method for protecting train event data patent, WO-2014138660-A1: Method and apparatus of physical property measurement using a probe-based nano-localized light source patent, WO-2014146451-A1: Method, apparatus, browser, electronic device and computer readable storage medium for enabling private browsing patent, WO-2014152686-A3: High refractive index siloxanes patent, WO-2014169481-A1: Coarse semantic data set enhancement for a reasoning task patent, WO-2014172790-A1: Compound sampling system and method for sampling a compound using same patent, WO-2014190415-A1: Sheet holder patent, WO-2014197228-A3: Air flow control arrangement for pulverizers patent, WO-2014204678-A1: Amplitude tapered switched beam antenna systems patent, WO-2015009969-A1: Membrane separation of olefin and paraffin mixtures patent, WO-2015013468-A1: Laminate structural material patent, WO-2015024000-A3: Mitochondrially-targeted electrophilic compounds for cancer treatment patent, WO-2015038323-A1: Article of footwear with upper having member with support arm patent, WO-2015049658-A1: Hinge acting as a door closer or a door opener patent, WO-2015079274-A1: Comb frame connection with improved characteristics for hives patent, WO-2015092180-A2: Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine and method for heating an scr catalyst patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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